Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke Service - The process

Helen Howe Atelier are proud to offer a full bespoke tailoring service for a range of different garments from tweed outerwear to eveningwear. We will design and handcraft a specifically and exclusively for you. Below is a breakdown of our outstanding service and the process by which we will create your perfect garment. Please contact us to reserve your appointment with Helen at our Leicestershire based studio.

  1. Consultation

This session is all about getting to know each other, to discover your likes and dislikes, to understand what does and doesn’t work for you in terms of clothing, to understand how you see yourself, your style and to decide on the type of garment that will be perfect for you. We will talk about shapes, styles, and fabrics.

Consultations usually take place at our dedicated studio in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

  1. Design and Sourcing

Following your consultation I will set to work to create arrange of design options based on our previous discussion. I will also put together a range of suitable fabric swatches for you to select from. We will then meet to chat about your preferences and finalise your perfect style! At this stage I will take some measurements and arrange a fitting and follow up session

  1. Pattern Making and Construction

Once your design is finalised I will create a pattern and handmake your garment to your exact measurements and specification. Using high end techniques and finishes.

  1. Fitting

During this session you will be presented with your perfectly fitted garment! Once you have tried on your bespoke garment we will note any minor tweaks or alterations (if any) that may need adjusting.

  1. Finishing

Your perfectly fitted garment will then be hand finished, professionally pressed and quality checked before being beautifully packaged ready to deliver to you.

  1. Delivery or collection

Once ready you will be able to collect your garment from our studio (with a final trying on session) alternatively we can deliver your garment to our work or home address via tracked courier. All of our garments are made to the highest quality standard and are intended to stand the test of time, to ensure this you will be given guidance in the best way to care for your garment going forward.


Special arrangements

We do offer the option of home or office consultations for an additional fee, please get in touch for details.

Helen is proud to partner with several high profile establishments as their preferred tailor offering consultations on site for customers. To enquire about this or for any other questions please email

Please contact us to reserve your personal appointment with Helen at our Studio.

email or fill out the below form and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible, we look forward to welcoming you to our studio!