Fashion vs Style – what’s the difference?

June 10, 2017

Let’s be clear here – Fashion and Style are too very different concepts. While they work in unison for the most part, they are not the same thing.

To many fashion is seen as either something for only the young or totally out of reach for the majority, designed for a specific body shape that rarely appeals to or considers the varying ages and body shapes of women in society

Perhaps that is true, but in reality what we all want and deserve is to be stylish. To look and feel great regardless of age, size or shape. Of course fashion does plays a part in that, but style is really more about how you apply fashion. It’s about knowing what works for you, what looks and feels good for YOU. It’s about how to construct an outfit and present it. Age, size and shape are then irrelevant when it comes to being stylish.

Being stylish in no way means we need to follow fashion trends, so there is a clear difference. While fashion itself can be stylish it is also often exclusive, in contrast a sense of style is accessible to us all, all that is needed is a little guidance and support to understand how best to dress for you

I work with women of every age, size, shape and some with very specific needs and requirements to help them to feel great, it’s interesting to see the change in posture and the way women carry themselves once they feel confident in their appearance.

For me the opportunity to work 1:1 with my clients to create clothing designed specifically for them and made to fit them perfectly is a true joy. The moment that they first slip into their new garment is one of the best parts of being a Designer. Seeing the huge smiles and hearing how they feel beautiful and confident in my designs makes me love what I do even more

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