Tweed is the new black - Helen Howe Atelier in the press Posted on 21 Mar 11:15 , 0 comments

We were thrilled that the fabulous the stylish equestrian featured our beautiful Lady Beatrice Jacket recently - how great is this look?! Check out her post below, love it? Why not pop over to for many other stunning equestrian style pics


Who knew that that tweed could be such a style hero? It’s been hitting the runways lots lately and is popping up constantly in the spring time street fashion.

So, tweed is really the new black? In that case, we definitively need a good stylish equestrian tweed outfit!

The hero of this outfit today is the gorgeous Lady Beatrice bespoke tweed coat by Helen How Atelier. The Lady Beatrice offers a new take on the classic hacking jacket, is cut in finest British 100% wool tweed, and is designed to offer optimum comfort and style whether riding or not. It is part of the newest selection of highly fashionable, yet beautifully traditional tweed garments, coming out soon. The Lady Beatrice is worn over a basic flowy  feminine black shirt from Uniqlo.

Highlight the pop of pink in the Lady Beatrice with some great accessories like the Ovation boot socks, the fabulous Shop Hunt Club Derby belt in ‘counter canter’, a touch of pink in this Charles Owen helmet and don’t forget the unmissable pink ribbon phone case.

Finish off the look with some classics like the creme Ariat Olympia breeches, creme colored Roeckl gloves and classic Horze Elisa black boots.

Have a stylish ride!