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The Stylish Equestrian

A fabulous blog post from showcasing our stunning Lady Beatrice Jacket

Who knew that that tweed could be such a style hero? It’s been hitting the runways lots lately and is popping up constantly in the spring time street fashion.

So, tweed is really the new black? In that case, we definitively need a good stylish equestrian tweed outfit!

The hero of this outfit today is the gorgeous Lady Beatrice bespoke tweed coat by Helen Howe Atelier. The Lady Beatrice offers a new take on the classic hacking jacket, is cut in finest British 100% wool tweed, and is designed to offer optimum comfort and style whether riding or not. It is part of the newest selection of highly fashionable, yet beautifully traditional tweed garments, coming out soon. The Lady Beatrice is worn over a basic flowy  feminine black shirt from Uniqlo.

Highlight the pop of pink in the Lady Beatrice with some great accessories like the Ovation boot socks, the fabulous Shop Hunt Club Derby belt in ‘counter canter’, a touch of pink in this Charles Owen helmet and don’t forget the unmissable pink ribbon phone case.

Finish off the look with some classics like the creme Ariat Olympia breeches, creme colored Roeckl gloves and classic Horze Elisa black boots.

Have a stylish ride!

Feature in Dluxe magazine

Feature in Dluxe magazine – Brand Focus Helen Howe atelier

How did Helen Howe Atelier start?

I’ve worked in fashion for over 16 years, designing and pattern cutting for High Street stores and I’ve also worked as a tutor and lecturer in Fashion, pattern cutting and fashion retail which I loved! I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with coats, tweed and pleating and knew that this is where my heart truly lies, so having worked my way up through the industry I decided the time was right for me to focus on my own brand, incorporating my passion with the knowledge and experience I’d built up over the years.

How would you describe your brand?

Luxury tweed outerwear, handmade in Britain using the finest quality British tweeds. It’s made to last – timeless elegance. They are investment pieces for you to enjoy for many years, heirloom pieces so to speak. The garments are perfect for every day, a special occasion or outdoor pursuits including equestrian, hunting, shooting and walking. The handwriting is unique, incorporating a range of pleat detailing, curved seaming and using a variety of William Morris and Liberty linings.

How long does it take you to create your pieces?

It depends on the piece, some take more development than others and some have more work involved in the general make up. I would say from design and sourcing, through product development, fit and final make-up each new style could take a week, however once the style is finalised subsequent garments are thankfully much quicker!

Who would you love to see wearing Helen Howe Atelier?

Hmm tricky one. I guess if I could choose absolutely anyone it would be the Duchess of Cambridge at a polo match/a day at the races! I think my target market is anyone with a love of luxury garments, and those who are interested in British fashion

While I hope that my products appeal to as many people as possible I’d say most of my clients have an interest in not only fashion, but in equestrianism, shooting, rural and country life.

Where can we get Helen Howe Atelier?

As well as my online store, the collection will be stocked at carefully selected stores/boutiques around the country.

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